Guidelines are for everyone,including the admins.Here you will find the guidlines for the whole wiki.The rules are not listed in how important they are,as every rule is as equal as the others.As the wiki grows,more rules will be added.

Wiki Rules

1.No cyber-bullying allowed.It can hurt someone's feelings,and here on this wiki,we don't wan that.Threatening,harassment,being rude and insulting the other users counts as cyberbullying.

2.No cursing at all.

3.No inappropriate content.Such as videos,photos,links,or comments.If someone posts something inappropriate,it WILL be deleted.

4.No trolling.User pages are ONLY supposed to be edited by the actually user,no matter what.Do not act as someone on the comments either,because there is a good chance you will get blocked.

5.No fights.If there is a serious fight in the comments,I will be closely monitoring you all for awhile.

6.No hackers.Report a hacker to me here.I will be checking the history of the person who is reported.

7.Report rude behavior,cyberbullying,cursing,inappropriate content,trolling,and fights here.

Comment Rules

1.You can have irrelevant comments,as long as there are not too much irrelevant comments.Remember,this is a place about certain topics!

2.Do not give out personal information.Such as what city you live in,your phone number,school,your full name,etc. Exceptions:Hair,eyes,state you live in,grade you are in,etc.

3.Do not offend other users.

4.None of the comments can contain inappropriate content,at all.

5.Do not post any comments that will offend and/or scare someone.Users who do this will get punished.

6.No fights,as it breaks apart our family.

7.Opinions are opinions.

8.Do not post any disturbing comments that would be considered as "too much information".

*This also goes for the chat.